Muscle Kouture Bikini Program

[su_heading align=”left”]Customized Training Program

TEAM MUSCLE KOUTURE offers a 6 week customized  program that includes customized meal plans, individualized training programs, and progress monitoring, This program is for WOMEN’S BIKINI, FIGURE , and BEAUTY competitors. TEAM MUSCLE KOUTURE will help you build and sculpt the body you want with customized workout routines that work in synergy with your nutritional program .

[su_heading align=”left”]Contest Posing Package[/su_heading]

Learn what the judges look for and judge you on. TEAM MUSCLE KOUTURE helps give you confidence you need to pose on stage for judging. TEAM MUSCLE KOUTURE will help you achieve a polished stage presence. The posing package includes posing lessons and assistance with swimsuit, shoe, and jewelry selection.

Contest History-
Federation- IFBB
Event Date March 23rd, 2013
Location Sacramento California
Type Bikini
Place 6th

Federation- WBFF
Event Date August 24th, 2013
Location Las Vegas Nevada
Type Bikini

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